Die neue Form der energetischen Therapie

Zapper Diamond Shield IE, Professional, Crystal

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The Diamond Shield Zapper with its basic programs and a multitude of additional programs from standardized chipcards is useable for targeted therapy-supporting application at home. Its effectivity is fortified by wobbling, modulation of the frequencies and by micro currents.

What is a zapper?
A zapper is an apparatus for bio-energetic treatment for well-being according to Dr. Hulda Clark (it is also known as a Clark zapper), Dr. Royal Rife, Dr. Robert C. Beck and HP Alan E. Baklayan. The mode of action of the zapper is based on the discoveries of  Dr. Hulda Clark. The zapper model she developed generates frequency patterns – completely harmless for human beings – that energize the body.

What does the zapper do?
One can use the zapper with the well-being frequency programs developed by Dr. Clark, Dr. Rife, Dr. Beck and HP Baklayan. It can be used for regulating the Zappicator and for Plate-Zapping. (Plates and Additional cables are available as accessories.) 
Thanks to its clear LCD display and the self-explanatory menu prompt the zapper is easy to use.

Included in the delivery are the following programs:

·         Clark Program

o   3 x 7 minutes with 20 minutes break each, frequency: 33,3 kHZ

o   Permanent use: 1 hour, frequency: 33,3 kHZ (suitable for Plate Zapping)

Additional programs for everyday use:

·         Diamond Shield

·         Discharge

·         Harmonical oscillation according to Baklayan

In addition, the zapper can be upgraded for desired applications by means of chipcards at any time. Therapists can also program chipscards with frequencies ascertained by testing. Preprogrammed chipcards for different applications are also available.

To sum it up: The Diamond Shield zapper IE is a Clark zapper, a Plate zapper, a blood zapper (?), a Diamond Shield zapper - and most importantly: it is suitable for various programs. It is five devices in one!!!

For legal reasons we are obliged to include the statement: We expressly distance ourselves from any healing statements or promises. Our products enhance the general well-being and can be supportive. All statements are according to the German law on the advertising of medical products. Possible effects of the application are empirically observed within experiences that are not scientifically proven.

In addition, the zapper can be upgraded for desired applications by means of chipcards at any time.

For more information concerning the background of bioenergetic therapy and its possible uses of zappers we recommend the following book: GENTLE HEALING WITH HARMONIC WAVES by A.E. Baklayan.

Zapper Diamond Shield IE

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