Die neue Form der energetischen Therapie



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Devices, test kits and technical accessories. 


After 15 years of research in the field of frequency applications natural health professional Baklayan discovered in 2010 that the energy system of the body and its functions exactly correspond to the harmonic laws handed down by the Pythagoreans.

The body and its meridian system as well as its chakras are structured just like any known musical instrument, 

mathematically precise and harmonically beautiful …

This also includes its emotional, psychosomatic and mental structures.

Let’s put an end to the confusing frequency chaos,

which was given to us through the different bioresonance methods according to XY, with thousands of Rife frequencies, hundreds of Clark frequencies, to name just a few.

Now you finally have the key to knowing exactly what you are doing and what it is related to…

Through years of experience in practice natural health professional Baklayan has recognized that the border of the bioresonance methods lies in the fact that charges will be uploaded for the patient in order to neutralize his loads – a process that demands energy from the patient which in chronic and persistent complaints he often no longer has –

and a process which “incidentally” burdens the therapist very much because he is constantly and involuntarily exposed to these loads when testing.

In 2011 he discovered a revolutionary method that allows the patient to discharge his entire disharmonious vibrations, while the own vibrations are harmonized.

This was called MATRIX-DISCHARGE.


The true art of healing is to support the harmony endeavor of all humanity.


This high demand can now be realized.

This completely new method also helps if the patient is exhausted. It is as if everything that burdens him is pulled out of him and that noticeably relieves him immediately.

The therapist as well rather benefits from this discharge while it takes place, than to be drained from it.

At the same time natural health professional Baklayan has also discovered that by using three galvanically separated channels the effectiveness of the applications increased by 5 to 21 times.

And so it is also possible to treat three synergistic (matching) loads at the same time which results in a big time saver. Imagine you can treat three groups of substances or ampules at once.

The trimensional device of bioresonance

TRIKOMBIN is a frequency device developed by natural health professional Alan E. Baklayan that combines three forms of application:

1.       Matrix-Discharge application according to Alan E. Baklayan

2.       Classical bioresonance application

3.       Each canal has its zapper output meaning three frequency generators for all Rife, Clark and other frequencies.


TRI KOMBINE is the combination of three application systems in one.

·         More than 500 application programs are already stored.

·         The soothing and relaxing effect is normally immediately noticeable.

·         Blockades are no longer blockades. The Matrix-Discharge application unloads the system without interference.